2020 bcv


These are tests of cars, but not in their usual understanding, but the experience of those who use this technique, accompanied by the most vivid examples and opinions of specialists of all levels and economic calculations.



What happens at enterprises in Russia and abroad? Analytics and statistics. Features of technology, production, quality assurance methods, warranty and service issues. How to solve these issues, our and foreign manufacturers. This and much more can be found in the heading "Manufacturing".

Bus Overview:

A sort of «a magazine within the magazine» – «AutoBus», the bus overiew. The bus industry news from all over the world, the novelties of domestic and foreign manufacturers.


A review of the major exhibitions in the world: IAA (Hannover), Busworld, CTT and Comtrans (Moscow).


Special Vehicles:

Commercial vehicle: truck and bus - a specific model or family of cars. Features of the design. Features of technical solutions, innovations. Components: engines, gearboxes and other units. Transport solutions and technologies at the implementation stage. Key features. Problems and solutions.



Commercial vehicle: truck and bus in practical operation. Operational experience, observations, decisions. Comparisons with competitors. Automobile fleet of the enterprise - organization of work, management, repair, maintenance. Components, consumables, fuel, oil - practical experience of application.



Tendencies, forecasts, analysis of the work of domestic and foreign automotive industry. Legislation and legislative initiatives. New technologies, alternative fuels, perspective vehicles and transport solutions. The situation on the Russian and foreign transportation market, the problems of technical condition and safety.



The new and upgraded models of automobiles appear in the market. What are the characteristics of this particular model? What about its advantages and disadvantages, right and wrong construction features? The section gives the answers to these questions and, in some cases, undertakes an economic analysis.


And more....

  • Truck Stop: truck races, history of technical equipment and prominent automobiles, exotic.
  • Truck Competence: components, spare parts, maintenance technologies, automotive service equipment.